Cordelia Hepden

Cordelia Hepden

Cordelia Hepden
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Progressive Reward Jar for kids. It just takes a glass vase/jar and enough marbles to fill it - only $4 at the Dollar Tree! She chose the rewards, I chose the actions that will earn marbles. Every time she does one of the actions, she gets to choose any color marble she likes to put in the jar. We both love it!

Progressive Reward jar Tall plastic tube mounted on the wall. Check point rewards that they aim for - you choose dinner, movie night etc. resets every month

Focus on the positive!

I Caught You Being Good Jar- This would be a great way to encourage positive behavior. Fill the jar up and there will be a BIG surprise at the end. I would make the jar smaller so its an obtainable goal.

ultimate bored jar activity list

Ultimate kids summer activities lists and bored Jar lists. Make sure you never hear the words "I'm Bored" again! Empower your children to learn to occupy themselves with this ultimate selection of summer activities.

Trenza espiga

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