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Corey Fairless

Corey Fairless
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Hot Toys Classic Predator with medium softbox to camera right, attached to camera using a cord.

Master Chief (Halo) or "John S117" is in effect a guardian for Earth. Defending humanity from the threat of the alien Covenant that seeks to complete its crusade to cleanse the galaxy.  John shows unparalleled bravery and skill in combat, able to accomplish many feats of strength that ordinary people couldn't, with a little luck as well.

Did you know that there is such a thing as a full-size adult Halo Master Chief costume?

a once busy gas station lies in the middle of no where Mysteriously Beautiful Abandoned Places

"Going to show you what happens when you tease," he explained as the car slowed into the parking lot of an abandoned gas station. The gas station was a little Texas Chainsaw Massacre in style, but it would do.