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harry potter magic

If you’re a Harry Potter fan who hasn’t yet heard of the "Potter It Forward" movement, now is definitely the time to jump on that bandwagon. Fueled by über-appreciative readers of the beloved series, the Potter It Forward campaign encourages Harry Po

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new US Postal stamp. Voldemort: Harry Potter's arch-enemy, feared so much in the wizarding world that he's known as "You Know Who" or "He Who Must Not Be Named.

Artifacts and Items of Power

Book of Void. A mysterious book that is hexed, charmed, and poisoned. Contains the secrets of dark magic in an ancient language. To open the book you must give up a secret and if you don't give your most important that you will be swollowed into a void

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Handmade Spell book with Box, Journal, Book of Shadows, Magic Notebook, Mystical Diary Junk Journal with hand stamped and distressed pages