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4 Retro-Modern Hitchcock Posters - My Modern Metropolis

Hitchcock Grapahic designer Laz Marquez was inspired to create a set of alternative movie posters for a few of his favorite Hitchcock horror films .

American Psycho. Patrick Bateman. Christian Bale. FIT IN. haha if you know the movie this will make you laugh

This vector poster is inspired by American Psycho and the art of Shepard Fairey. American Psycho: Fit In

I like this poster because the color is dark which represents the film as it is about crime. The picture is relevant to the movie as it is crime film. By using images such as a needle it tell you that the film is about drugs. I think it works because it explains what the film is about.

This Pulp Fiction poster designed by Jacob Wise made ShortList Magazine's 30 Coolest Alternative Movie Posters Ever!