Marianne Bee

Marianne Bee

Mad about fabric, thread and paint
Marianne Bee
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Cook - just as tasty, bhakis

Gluten-free bhajis with a dairy-free mango and mint dip

Kurt Jackson, Tree Gwedhen

Kurt Jackson, Tree Gwedhen

In pictures: Kurt Jackson's Forest Gardens exhibition | Environment | The Guardian

Home - 2008 - Kurt Jackson : Forest Gardens

eating oranges off trees, smelling the almond blossom - kurt jackson

Kurt Jackson, Eating Oranges Off Trees, Smelling the Almond Blossom, 2007

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Frescoed Farmhouse - Oberammergau (Bavaria), Germany ~ Photo by Dennis Barloga .such charm and character!

Mt Edgecombe, Cornwall

Mount Edgecomb in Plymouth England.

Ageing colour blocked door in Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina

Very Creative Sculpture

Very Creative Sculpture-----(Source : tenebrum, via XDD


Johnny Clasper from Yorkshire, UK went from being a bricklayer to an established stonemason by rejecting the idea of a single path. He turns stones and rocks into anything ranging from patios to innovative sculptures and captivating mosaics.

Bees watercolour, print of original painting A3 size on watercolour paper in…

Bees watercolour, print of original painting size on watercolour paper in Art, Direct from the Artist, Paintings