Jack Vettriano: The Illustrated Man

Unseen Jack Vettriano works

Unseen Jack Vettriano works - Telegraph

Unseen Jack Vettriano works

Artist Jack Vettriano has set up a website to sell his work directly to fans after a dispute with his art dealer.

Jack Vettriano, painter. | I love his work.

Jack is one of the finest womanisers I have ever met: Jack Vettriano, painter

Lovers and Others Strangers | Jack Vettriano, 1951

Jack Vettriano, 1951

Jack Vettriano Dancing Couple painting is available for sale; this Jack Vettriano Dancing Couple art Painting is at a discount of off.

Night Geometry II, 1996: 'I got that title from a book by AL Kennedy. I know Alison quite well. She writes about how when you're in bed with somebody you tuck your knees under theirs and caress their backs, making geometric shapes'

Jack Vettriano reveals the dark side that has made him our most contro

Jack Vettriano - Night geometry Ok this is the last one I'm posting.