Using reflections in photography can produce some awesome effects and amazing photos. This can be achieved with the help of some kind of window, mirror, water or any other type of reflective surface. Reflections can transform a usual image into .

Too true!

Funny pictures about Going to the mall vs. Oh, and cool pics about Going to the mall vs. Also, Going to the mall vs.


Nature can bring a lot of beauty into our lives. Nature has a way of affecting our moods and it can force us to change our plans. Nature is responsible for the sun, clouds, rain, and snow. When it is sunny and bright outside, we feel cheerful inside.

Phoenix wings

a firery passion that glows from within It is not only necessary to love, It is also necessary to say so, tell someone you love them today. I Love Chrissy

Fire sphere

Minstrels Digital Art by Ukraine based artist Sasha Fantom. Agni the sacrificial fire After the sabbat Vampire hunter Romantics of dark alleys Parvati birth of new star Parting Girl with a snake Girl on a tiger Gift View the website

A different take on Assassin's Creed

Assassin’s Creed ArtBook by Will Murai Beautiful Collection of Digital Fantasy Illustrations