Items, thoughts, ideas and places that have figured in my life, remembered and found in no particular order.
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Pick Up Sticks.

I remember getting a can of Pick-up-sticks at a school Christmas party. I loved them.


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Austin Metro

I learnt to drive in one of these - like being in a mobile greenhouse

Mohnesee Dam. School trips, family trips. Seen the film and read the book.

The Mohnesee lake and dam. Not far from the town I lived in for 4 years (Werl, Germany). The Mohnesee Dam is one of the dams destroyed by the British in WWII which was featured in the movie "Dam Busters".

Space Hopper

Spacehopper (Spacehopper) by Mettoy Playcraft Ltd, (made). Spacehopper, orange vinyl ball with handles, made in Great Britain between 1970 and Museum Number

Pan's People. Adolescent yearnings.

Top of the Pops back at Christmas

Top of the Pops - Pan's People creative dance. annoying then, hilarious now.

Vauxhall Zafira

The Vauxhall Zafira is a seven-seater car sure to accommodate the entire family, and is available in many guises here at Motorparks.

Vintage Dinky Toy Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbirds 4 diecast. Had one of these and, like many others, really regret not keeping it safe and sound

Vintage Dinky Toy Thunderbird 2 and Thunderbirds 4 diecast. Had one of these and,smashed it to bits , which at the time was fun, so i got it again,gonna look after it this time

Aged 10 - had one of these and used it to shoot my new talking Action Man out of the tree in the garden. He never talked again!

The Johnny Seven gun.asked Santa loads of times but it never happened.