Gordon Matta Clark

Gordon Matta Clark - subeteaminube

A delicate touch with a chain saw: For "Office Baroque" Gordon Matta-Clark cut through the floors of an office building in Antwerp.

Gordon Matta Clark. Humphrey Street Splitting. 1974.

alecshao: “Gordon Matta-Clark - Splitting “Compelled to focus attention on the dehumanization of the modern world, Matta-Clark developed a personal idiom that combined Minimalism and Surrealism.

MADRID Oda a Gordon Matta-Clark

Oda a Gordon Matta-Clark

Gordon Matta-Clark, Bronx Floors: Four-way wall, 1973

a deeper cut : art & architecture : gordon matta-clark : MACBA : barcelona

"REMOVE" Gordon Matta-Clark

"REMOVE" Gordon Matta-Clark Remove object, place it somewhere else in another collage Different colours into black and white

Original Creators: "Anarchitect" Gordon Matta-Clark | The Creators Project

Original Creators: "Anarchitect" Gordon Matta-Clark