mark dorf reveals digital impositions on natural landscapes - designboom…

Had the pleasure of chatting with Nara Shin over at Cool Hunting a few weeks ago about the landscape, technology and my last two bodies of work – take a look at the interview!MARK DORF’S ALTERNATE LANDSCAPES

Mark Dorf, Nature Scientific Interpretation

Nature Scientific Interpretation

Shona Wilson 'Future Remains'

Surprising detail…. Dried Cone of sorts repurposed and pop of colour. Quite clever, quite smart, quite fun. Quirky. We like it alot …Two thumbs up

Harriet Goodall - DETAIL ‘Exhibit B – 309 AD), found @ processed found plastic and natural material, in med.

Mark Dorf - Sofa

If A Computer Explodes In The Woods Does Anyone Hear It? Mark Dorf's Art May Have The Answers

Mark Dorf Artist Interview: Scientific Approaches to Artistic Practice (Geometric Spaces

Mark Dorf

backyard-studios: “Marc Dorf, “when the calculated representation is compared to its real counterpart (…) there is very little or no physical or visual connection at all thus resulting in questions of.


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