Zaria Forman finger paintings

Photorealistic Pastel Drawings of the Maldives

Photorealistic Pastel Drawings of the Maldives by Artist Zaria Forman-♥- "Forman has the ability to not only capture the different blue and green shades of the water but also the rising white crests of the ocean's waves.

Audrey Hepburn by Milton H. Greene

Audrey Hepburn beholds her reflection in a mirror on the set of Funny Face, portrait by Richard Avedon, 1956 - Carefully selected by GORGONIA www.

Debbie Harry, As repugnant is the track suit Debbie is one of the few who make this look hot.

Guerrilla Girls started in New York City (1985) to protest gender and racial inequality in the art world.

Power to the People: Revolution is in the air at the V&A with a survey of protest art from the Seventies to now - Features - Art - The Indep.

Natalie Wood

Natalie Wood driving a motor scooter “ Natalie Wood: on the Warner Brothers backlot in ” View Post

The world worships the original.” -Ingrid Bergman (she would NOT let Hollywood change her name NOR any cosmetic surgery!

Dat skirt, dat studio

fs blue shirt + black slit skirt + sneakers white bjtton up, black split skirt, white converse,

Helen Frankenthaler by Ernst Haas

Helen Frankenthaler

saatchiart: “There are no rules. That is how art is born, how breakthroughs happen” –Helen Frankenthaler, born on this day in

Zaria Forman

Artist Zaria Forman has created the landscapes to document the ever-changing beauty of regions affected by climate change. Her works take up to a month to complete and the final hyper realistic finger paintings look […]

Fly girls, East Flatbush, 1980. ( Photo by Jamel Shabazz.)

Fly girls spinning preppy urban-wise, East Flatbush, Photo by Jamel Shabazz.

Fly Girls / East Flatbush, 1980 by Jamel Shabazz.

The girl on the right wears a pair of Cazal 607 with plano lenses. Photo by Jamel Shabazz.

Ingrid Bergman in Italy, 1952

David Seymour Ingrid Bergman Italy, 1952 Ingrid Bergman sunning herself on the private pier of her Santa Marinella holiday house.

Lady Pink

The Queen.. Lady Pink

Charline von Heyl, Abstract Artist

Charline von Heyl: In the Abstract

Charline von Heyl: In the Abstract. In her Brooklyn studio in June. Coveting the work in the background.