Shatter Traditions.

"Intoxicated Drawing" by ~golfiscool Traditional Art / Drawings / Still Life (shattered, broken bottle of liquor jack daniels whiskey )

Trees in Enchanted Woods.

RIDE OR DIE “Mo Mo”Ahhhh, Gia calls her mommy Mo Mo!Midway on our life’s journey, I found myself in dark woods, the right road lost…To tell .

Amidst his wander he bumps into Thorn in the garden. Thorn doesnt warn. He was born to scorn. "Ouch Ouch Ouch am I in a bout." Thorn all broke falls to his knees. He Pleads & Pleads to not wake his queen - Rose. Rose grows to glow the meadow.

He bore the Crown of Thorns for me, so I will create one to remember him. It will be made of nails, broken chains, thorns(metal that looks like thorns) maybe barbed wire, and a message on the front. All dipped in red paint.

Many years ago during my divorce..someone put a garden hose in my basement window and turned on the water...of course I was away...and arrived home to find a huge mess, plus lost many treasures...a doll collection, my journals, among them...I tried to dry them, and then they caught on fire...I saved what was left...sad sad...sad...still today...

(Open) Amya fingered the pages of her precious journal carefully, tears shining on her cheeks as she tried to read her careful writing. She put her hand over her mouth, not believing what she was seeing." she whispered.

The Last Pearl: Crumpled Tubes...

The thought of titanium white makes me think of Vincent Van Gogh. I once heard that he was so hungry, he used to eat his white paint. Titanium White contains lead, which allegedly contributed to his deteriorated mental state.