The usual 1-100 snakes and ladders takes too long to play for my three DIY board game

Like this idea for developing subitising skills by recognising the Numicon pieces quickly, simple addition, counting on skills. Would be great for children with poor number recognition. Fab idea for an EYFS snakes and ladders.

Number bonds to 10 challenge. My children love numicon!

I have a few children who don't know their number bonds to This is such a crucial skill for more advanced mathematical strategies - think I will be using this idea!

Numicon baking - this would be great to teach sharing of numbers...

Activity that could introduce Numicon, cross- curricular, ordering, counting, familiarising with Numicon pieces. It also spports the development of fine motor skills

individual challenge cards on continuous provision #abcdoes #eyfs #earlyyearseducation

Use in sand area (can you find 2 pieces of numicon that make 10 - laminated card) individual challenge cards on continuous provision

A4 Numberline 0-10

link is no longer active but i like the idea of having all of those associations on 1 poster