This made me laugh so hard.

Stressed corals…

Funny pictures about Stressed corals. Oh, and cool pics about Stressed corals. Also, Stressed corals.


Saw something funny on Facebook last night for the first time before I found it here.

People without allergies be like, "Ahhhh, I love spring! Can you feel it?" and people with allergies: I feel it. LOL Story of my life!


The most awesome images on the Internet

John Green<<<<<< the comment that made all the nerd fighters wanting to just pray for the idiotic person. That is HANK GREEN the songwriter of I fucking love science.

so true!

animal-factbook: “Here we have a bunny passing out after a long day at the office. Many bunny parents spend 80 hour work weeks at the office to be able to afford the massive amounts of food and.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

Tis but a scratch…

King Arthur: Now, stand aside, worthy adversary! Black Knight: 'Tis but a scratch! King Arthur: A scratch? Your arm's off! Black Knight: No, it isn't! King Arthur: Well, what's that then? King Arthur: I've had worse. (Monty Python and the Holy Grail)

One anxiety attack at a time...

I try not to worry about the future- so I take each day just one anxiety attack at a time. Pretty much perfect.

This is perfect!

Teen Wolf Reactions on

Let it go. finals style, let me just say that I care about my grades and I wish I was better at studying and that I didn't get bad grades!<< I get good grades, but I'm the biggest procrastinator, you honestly have no idea how bad I am.

the best mascara bag

The Best Mascara

The Best Mascara. These are my top 10 favorite mascaras ever created. And how about the cutest mascara bag ever invented? - I am obsessssed with that makeup bag.

FEYONCÉ. @Holly Rawlings

An awesome idea for an engagement announcement: the Feyonce sweatshirt! I seriously need this shirt

So. Much. Awesome.

This is why Dave Grolh is awesome…

Funny pictures about This is why Dave Grolh is awesome. Oh, and cool pics about This is why Dave Grolh is awesome. Also, This is why Dave Grolh is awesome.


♡ Super soft jersey tee♡ Pre-shrunk ring spun cotton♡ Silk screened by…

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