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Unless Susie hates Sally for no good reason. Then Susie will lie about Sally. And Susie's heart will still be filled with evil, hate, & darkness. Susie can go burn in hell.

/ F. Scott Fitzgerald

For what it’s worth: It’s never too late to be whoever you want to be. I hope you live a life you’re proud of. If you find that you’re not, I hope you have the strength to start all over again.

Love this quote! What feels like the end is often the Beginning. #quotes #words #inspiration


At least now, everyone has a new beginning. A fresh start. All because I ended my life. Ended it so some of you could start new, while others live in guilt.

I'm pretty sure I've pinned this before, but yelling is something I'm working on and this is a great quote

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Rumi Quote: Raise Your Words, Not Your Voice, It Is Rain That Grows Flowers, Not Thunder - another inspirational thought for you to enjoy today!

dissertation motivation!

I don’t think “smart” is the right word. I think it’s more like “powerful”. Yeah, that’s it. You are far too powerful to be the only thing standing in your way!


Lol so true though , i need to learn how to be content with simply not knowing, and be at peace with the notion that everything does not need an explanation.

I love this saying. To me it doesn't mean have a great figure or a beautiful face. It means have a warm soul and kind arms to embrace. I find myself telling people "That's lovely, Thank You" when the perform kind acts for me. Like pouring my coffee for me, or opening a door.

Be lovely. It's rare to find someone truly lovely. Personality, character, & mannerisms have more to do with a lovely person than appearance. I rarely meet a person who is truly lovely.

Definitely feel this today  #dissertation

it always seems impossible.This is a quote from Nelson Mandela.P Nelson Mandela

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You know the future is really happening when you start feeling scared. Well Im scared

I love will & grace!

I'm fabulous, okay? I'm an incredible dresser, I've got buckets of money, I'm a hoot and a half, and I've got a killer rack. love me someKaren Walker!