Steps to building a window seat. A dream of mine for years finally come true!

Do a window seat with a bed in front of it? Steps to building a window seat. A dream of mine for years finally come true!

That's a window seat if I ever saw one! Love it, wish it were bigger so if you fell asleep it wouldn't be uncomfortable

13 Cozy, Curl-uppable, and Completely Covetable Window Seats

Rustic window seat / reading nook- I used to dream of one of these when I was a little girl. Maybe curtains could double as a spare bed when extra room is needed!

Like the size of these. Plus the interior million is simple and unobtrusive. Would love to see them from the outside.

Mueble contra ventana - Ropero o Cajones Kids' Curtains, Kids' Area Rugs Kids' Room Rugs

Let your imagination run wild with this cheeky chap making his way across your windows. And in a humble neutral colourway, this Mr Fox Mini roller blind is simply sweet.

Mr Fox Mini Neutral Roller Blind

Not sure if there will be space but I like the two cabinets either side of the side window here.especially the open shelving

Romantic Linen Cushions from The Linen Works

Another example of window seat. (Also love the ceiling design!) Romantic Linen Cushions from The Linen Works

Dining room window seat with bookshelves by The Custom Carpenter. Add a cushion, and it's PERFECT!

Angled bench seating in the Dining room creates a unique alcove. Neat idea with bookshelves beneath seat.

Ludwig II of Bavaria's Neuschwanstein Castle and its historical and heraldic connections with the swan. (

Neuschwanstein castle in Bavaria, Germany / sitting area off of a bedroom. Gorgeous windows and frames.

So beautiful! Iron brackets hold glass shelves at varying heights to display many varieties of plants. The window seat is also incorporated as a display area.

Our columnist Kevin Lee Jacobs shows off his window gardens, which change throughout the winter, and explains exactly how to create more shelf space for your houseplants.

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