Art Journal Love with Fatima Bano — Kellee Wynne Studios

Introducing Fatima Bano of She's a mixed media artist from Singapore who is not afraid to express herself with vibrant colors and bold marks. If you're having a hard time getting started with Color Crush Creative's weekly color palette pr

Jennifer Brook sketchbook. "Do we remember a boat?" thirteen generations 2006

Jennifer Brook sketchbook Create book of paint/ surface/ texture/ mixed media experiments

Jennifer Brook

Hand-bound sketchbook Arches, parchment, ink, graphite, wax 38 x 15 x 2 cm 2008

I’m searching - carnet de travail Élisabeth Couloigner

Another artists which I came across was Élisabeth Couloigner. She creates truly beautiful sketch books filled with intricate and stunning samples of her experiments with mark-making, Her use of mar…

Sketchbook marks "I approach my sketchbooks without any thought of product. Something about making yourself do it everyday, even if it is only a line or two, is very helpful." Lari Washburn is a ceramicist

Sketchbook marks "I approach my sketchbooks without any thought of product." Lari Washburn is a ceramicist

Joseph Mallord William Turner

Joseph Mallord William Turner Composition Study for ‘Ships Bearing Up for Anchorage’ From Calais Pier Sketchbook, Chalk on paper 433 x 272 mm