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Rare Gibson Prototype 12 String Electric Guitar...Whoa!...I have never seen one of these...Kinda cool

Gibson Custom Shop did a phenomenal job on these.

common guitar scales

Guess what? This is a massively over-complicated look into guitar scales, major scales, and pentatonic scales and how to use them. Want to know some more efficient ways to go about using this stuff? Check out my article at this link:

Ibanez custom 7 string guitar by LiveWire Guitars LLC

Ibanez Custom 7 String in red and black - with lot of red on the bridge & pickups.

Ibanez PS1CM Paul Stanley Cracked Mirror

Ibanez Paul Stanley Cracked Mirror Can I get one of these? This is sooo awesome.

Kami bawakan statistik, sejarah, biodata kemenangan, trofi dan pencapaian Sir […]

Sir Alex Ferguson The Greatest Manager EVER! The trophies and events through an amazing 27 year jour at Manchester United