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Motivational Quote: "The three C's in life: Choice, chance, change. You must make the choice, to take the chance, if you want anything in life to change.

One song workouts

One Song Workout… I like this. Is it each exercise for one rep of the song? or all these in the one rep of the song. One Song Workout… I…

Your gym routine may be holding you back. Find out if it contains these simple—but essential—movements

The 5 Secrets to a Perfect Workout: workout based on 5 human movement patterns: pull, push, hinge, squat, and carry

The science of weight loss

Losing weight doesn't have to be an overly complicated endeavor, but it does require a basic understanding of how diet, exercise, and lifestyle are related. In this infographic, learn about the actual science that is behind effective weight loss.

I've gained more weight since joining Pinterest...Ingredients: 4 center cut boneless pork chops, pounded to 3/4 inch thick 1 tsp. Vege-sal or slightly less than 1 tsp. salt fresh ground black pepper 1 tsp. Penzeys Pork Chop Seasoning (optional, contains salt, hickory smoke, garlic, onion, white pepper, and ginger) 2 T olive oil 2/3 cup balsamic vinegar 2 tsp. sugar

Another recipe from Kroger's meat department, the Classic Comforts collection. Easy and quick! Nutrition Information: 270 calories, 12 g fat, 4 g saturated fat

Wish I could stamp this on my forehead...

Attract What You Expect, Reflect What You Desire, Become What You Respect, Mirror What You Admire // 25 Quotes About True Wisdom

Great way to motivate yourself to be #healthy and #fit. Board dedicated to Health, Fitness and Diet tips.

Not food related but thought it would be a good guide to get back into tea again. *A Tea Time Guide*