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Jee-ook Choi's illustrations transform everyday life in a crazy and unreal world. Jee-ook Choi is a South Korean illustrator who turns our ordinary surroun

Nike Bounce to this Campaign: By Bureau Borsche

Nike Bounce to this Campaign: By Bureau Borsche

Napoleon, Invalides Army Museum

Napoleon, Invalides Army Museum #gdbo t#FREE REFILLS #jamescullen

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Utopia-focussed design work from studio Public School.

Public School is a design studio with a gainful interest in architecture, particularly that rooted in utopian ideologies. Their self-published zine Concrete Deserts documents the Brutalist structures on Israel’s periphery. Well worth a good looking at.

Demian Conrad Design: Almighty Identity / Branding / Brand Design / Interior Design / Home Staging / Business / Minimal / Minimalist / Black and White / Gray / Japanese Technique / Japanese Marbling / Suminagashi / Minimalism / Minimalistic / Japanese Design / Creative / Different / Organic / Round / Earthy / Simple / Clean

Almighty / Demian Conrad Design / "Almighty is a company specializing in interior design and home staging that needed a flexible and contemporary approach to its identity while still maintaining its classic traditions. We focused on the idea of decoration