Food patterns by Alice Pattullo

Food Patterns by Alice Pattullo / Print / Black & White / Art / Design / Illustration / Texture / Fruit / Coconut / Fish / Carrot

Structure lines on building blocks | (via

"PHOTOGRAPHY & GRAPHICS" Architecture & Graphic design: I like the contrast of color + black/white, and the use of drawing over an image.



Fresh Compositions for Madrid’s Summer Heat Wave

Fresh Compositions for Madrid’s Summer Heat Wave

Madrid is a city that can easily reach C in July and August.I challenged myself to create a series playing ironically with the extreme weather conditions of te summer and the heat wave as a concept.The resulting images are a series of fresh composit…

YSL quote #inspiredby

graphic black and white + hand drawn text in different weights and colors + high-intensity feeling/// Yves Saint Laurent by François-Marie Banier

Whether intended or not, this makes me think of the fragility of our ecosystems and damage we're doing to our oceans. If we don't stop polluting... POP, the balloon's going to burst and our marine life is going to disappear

adore this piece balloon flying fish Art Print by Vin Zzep. something similar would be cute for a wall mural in childs room