Book Paintings by Ekaterina Panikanova. See many more at the link:

Book Paintings Ekaterina Panikanova via Colossal Artist Ekaterina Panikanova uses old books and other documents as a canvas for some seriously unbelievable paintings. They're almost collages, really. See more over at Colossal.

Van Gogh

Vincent van Gogh "Roses", 1890 (The Netherlands, Post-Impressionism, cent.

Honey Trap - A4 Alcohol Ink Art Print

Honey Trap - A4 Alcohol Ink Art Print

Embroidered works Jessie Chorley

Embroidered works - Jessie Chorley does lovely little paper thingies too. Ideas: Image transfer writing/print onto fabric, machine stitch lines over- quilted? Equidistant and regular ?

Still Life with Bottle & Brush Stroke Challenge, painting by artist Carol Marine

Geraniums in Clay Pot, painting by artist Justin Clements

Waldemar Kolbusz

Waldemar Kolbusz house wall decor abstract oil paintings paintings abstract acrylic paintings red red home decor red color red paint