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a couch and table in a room with wood flooring on the wooden floor,
Interior Design Details Within Your Home
Every single detail counts when its within your home. Our bespoke seating gives you the option to choose everything that you feel matters.
a restaurant with wood paneling and wooden tables set up for two people to eat
The Journeyman
Banquette seating manufactured in house here at Craftwood for the new Oakmans Inn venue, The Journeyman.
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and green velvet chairs is seen in this image from the front
The Journeyman
Our booth seating created for Oakmans Inn new venue in Gerrards Cross. Perfect for a more intimate dining experience.
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and leather booths, lights hanging from the ceiling above them
The Journeyman
Beautiful banquette seating created for this venue in Gerrards Cross.
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and yellow chairs
The Journeyman
Oakmans Inn new venue in Gerrards Cross. Our Banquettes look stunning throughout this pub.
an empty restaurant with wooden tables and chairs
The Journeyman
Banquettes created for Oakmans Inn new venue The Journeyman, in Gerrards Cross.
a room with two couches, tables and a television on the wall in it
Kitchen Diner Banquettes
Beautiful Banquette created for a residential client. Its becoming increeasingly popular to have banquette seating within the Kitchen areas not only for seating but also for more storage!
a dimly lit restaurant with wooden floors and tables set up for formal dinner or party
Fazenda Bishopgate
Gorgeous Walnut throughout the Restaurant, our banquettes go perfectly surrounded by this dark wood.
an empty restaurant with tables and chairs, lights hanging from the ceiling and potted plants on the wall
Fazenda Bishopsgate
Fluted back banquettes upholstered in leather for Fazenda Bishopsgate, blends in perfectly with the walnut throughout the restaurant
the interior of a restaurant with wooden flooring and colorful wall paintings on the walls
Fazenda Bishopsgate
Banquette Seating created for Fazenda in Bishopsgate, striking green to compliment the amazing wall design.
the interior of a restaurant with pink booths and round tables, white chairs, and neon lights
SKY VIP, Wembley
Bold Bright Colourful Fluted back booths created for SKY's VIP Area at their Wembley Arena.
the interior of an office with purple couches and circular lights
Sky VIP, Leeds
Creating matching curved seating to match the beautiful circular lighting in this VIP venue.
two chairs and a table with a lit candle on it in the middle of a room
Sky VIP, Leeds
The Perfect place to enjoy the VIP treatment with Sky in Leeds. Beautifully designed and created by our team in house.
an empty restaurant with blue walls and white chairs in the center, along with round tables
Sky VIP, Birmingham
Intimate upholstered booths created for Sky VIP, Birmingham Arena. High walls fully upholstered to give more personal space.
a brightly colored room with round tables and chairs
SKY VIP, Birmingham
Booth Banquette seating created for Sky VIP area in th Birmigham Arena, beautiful bright and bold seating