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Jim Rohn Quote - Your life does not get better by chance, it get's better by change. What do you need to change to see improvements?

Pauline Black, The Selecter...3 minute hero I wanna be...

Pauline Black of The Selecter. Saw them live in Birmingham Poly while in college (and Radio 1 DJs Pete Powell and Mike Reid were there too!

#Punk London, 1979. LNA/Evening Standard / Getty Images

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If you're a racist skinhead, pull up a chair, have a seat and lay down your swastika. What is a skinhead?


Where i was from most estates were all skins or punks. When we met Mods always they ended up dragged off Scooters, Ayr Weird go on a bit most become Scooter boys as did Skins into Psycobilly. Casuals,Ravers to snowflakes now.


Like the best movements in music, the Mod scene happened at exactly the right moment;


quadrophenia, 1979 / dir: franc roddam, cin: brian tufano, music: the who, various artists