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Ok I'm going to go cry now

Yes he did. He cried for them all. In the movies we see him cry over Cedric's body. We see he cry and yell with anger and pain when Sirius died. Plus even dudly cried

Neville. I really love how he unknowingly repeats Sirius's words to Harry in 3rd year. "The ones that love us never really leave us, And you can always find them... in here."

This is the reason I love Neville :) it may not be how it happened in the book but he always stood for what was right even if it was standing up to his friends. Neville Longbottom is MY hero :)

Great lines! Fun fact: Jason Isaac's line. "Let us hope Mr. Potter will always be around to save the day," was added last minute, and Dan Radcliff was not told. His response, "Don't worry, I will be," was his first reaction.

Harry Potter actors tell their characters' favorite lines. ~It's so weird how some of those are my favorite lines from them too.

Harry potter

Harry Potter ~ The Boy Who Lived; Hermione Granger ~ The Girl Who Knew; Ron Weasley ~ The Boy Who Doubted; Ginny Weasley ~ The Girl Who Waited; Neville Longbottom ~ The Boy Who Could Have Been; Luna Lovegood ~ The Girl Who Believed

growing up

I'd like to point out that Hermione stopped smiling 1 year before Harry and Ron did. She probably knew the danger long before them <--- I'd like to point out that Harry stopped smiling after year two and Hermoine smiled year three.