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several air plants are hanging from wire baskets
Tillandsia : 15 idées déco pour la mettre en valeur
Tillandsia : 13 idées déco pour la mettre en valeur
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling with lots of white bubbles floating in it
red paper flowers hang from the ceiling in front of a window with cars parked outside
inspired table {blooming branches}
three hanging baskets are suspended in the air, with one being filled with something red and white
Sculpture, images & mots.
Sylvia Eustache Rools. Art textile. Sculpture textile. Vintage textile.
colorful glass flowers are hanging from the ceiling
a person standing under a glass ceiling filled with lots of colorful blown up flowers and butterflies
Seattle Glass Art
Seattle Art Scene: Dale Chihuly's unusual museum and garden showcases his ethereal glass sculptures. - Penta Daily - Barrons.com
the sun shines through an arched glass window with colorful umbrellas hanging from it
Chihuly and "Monarch Window" (1994)
several balls of yarn are hanging from strings
Right colors and some sparkles, possible xmas ball decorations.
a bunch of glass beads hanging from the side of a building
“Campo San Maurizio Chandelier” in Chihuly Over Venice (1996).
“Emerging from the hermetically sealed space of the institution to find life in the world at large, #Chihuly’s glass changes the dynamics of what these days, constitutes art and beauty.” —Dana Self, curator and art critic “Campo San Maurizio Chandelier” in #Chihuly Over Venice (1996). © Chihuly Studio ____________________ #DaleChihuly #ChihulyGlass #Glass #GlassArt #Glassblowing #Art #FineArt #ChihulyExhibition #ChihulyInstallation #ChihulyOverVenice #Chandelier #ChihulyChandelier #Venice
a chandelier hanging from the ceiling in a room with glass windows and skylights
“Opal and Gold Chandelier” (2010).
Presenting works both indoors and outdoors, 2019’s “Chihuly: Reflections on Nature” exhibition included 32 unique installations throughout the UNESCO-designated Kew Gardens. “Opal and Gold Chandelier” (2010) at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew, London, installed 2019. © Chihuly Studio ____________________ #Chihuly #DaleChihuly #ChihulyGlass #Glass #GlassArt #Glassblowing #Art #FineArt #ChihulyChandelier #Chandelier #GlassHouse #GreenHouse #RoyalBotanicGardens #Kew #London #UNESCO #Opal #Gold
UMELECKY : Fiber and Crystals Friendship Bracelets, Embroidered Friendship Bracelet, Diy Crafts, Crystals
Fiber and Crystals
UMELECKY : Fiber and Crystals
a bunch of sticks that are hanging from a tree in the water with some plants growing out of them
Landart 2
Landart 2 | by PLEXNE
birds nests in the branches of a tree
people standing and sitting in an art gallery looking at hanging objects that look like birds
Entangled: Threads and Making