Ideas for kid shirt patches

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a dress hanging on a window sill
CLIN D'OEIL... - Bien fait pour toi !
a piece of cloth with two leaves on it
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a red sweater with patchwork on it hanging from a wooden hanger against a white wall
a woman standing in front of a kitchen counter wearing a white shirt with patchwork on it
two pieces of clothing are laying on a white sheet and one piece is made out of fabric
a tote bag made out of fabric with different colored squares on the front and sides
【ササキチホ】アンティークリネン つぎはぎトートバッグ(生成り)
a piece of cloth with an animal on it
NadinArtStudio - Etsy UK
four square pieces of fabric with words and pictures on them are arranged in the shape of rectangles
teaching with Patti Digh
an old piece of paper with some kind of design on it, including circles and lines
a little solstice cloth