Sewing School... One Day

One of my heart's desires is to set up a sewing school for girls and women who have been abused domestically, trafficked, homeless, those who need love and care…
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an open book with pictures of flowers and jewelry on the cover, sitting on a polka dot tablecloth
We Are Champions
beautiful! p57 下田直子の手芸技法 Handcraft Techniques by Naoko Shimoda
an old sewing machine with the words do it yourself written in black and white lettering
This item is unavailable - Etsy
an open bookcase filled with lots of books and crafting supplies on top of a tile floor
Awesome idea for an old tv armoire that can be turned into Craft Central! And, it can all closed up when not in use
an old photo of a woman sewing on a sewing machine with pink flowers in front of her
Image detail for -Vintage Sewing Postcard |
a white sewing machine sitting on top of a table next to a cup and scissors
a way to use large spool of thread on a standard machine. . . (What a good idea - I'll do that next time!)
a wicker basket filled with lots of knitting needles
Awesome idea for storing your yarn, AND tools!
keep calm and get the seam ripper on red background with white text that reads,'keep calm and get the sem ripper '
The mantra :o)
lol :)
an image of different types of clothes for men and women in blue on the page
Dress Silhouettes, Sleeves, and Neck Lines | The Opulent Poppy
an instruction manual for sewing sleeveless tops
Dress Silhouettes, Sleeves, and Neck Lines | The Opulent Poppy
an old fashion sewing pattern for blouses and collars
Dress Silhouettes, Sleeves, and Neck Lines | The Opulent Poppy
the words never underestmate the power of a woman with a sewing machine on it
a pair of scissors sitting on top of a plate next to spools of thread
The Frugal Crafter Blog
DCF 1.0
a tin can filled with pins sitting on top of a woman's chest next to a necklace
The Thimble Necklace Tutorial
The Wind and The Sail: The Thimble Necklace Tutorial
an old fashioned chair with flowers and birds nest on it's back, sitting in front of a wooden wall
For hat pins! how cute!
a rack that has many different items on it and is hanging from the wall next to a pair of scissors | The official home for all things Disney
Old Metal Slacks into an awesome ribbon organizer for the closet!!
several rolls of toilet paper are arranged on a rack in front of a mirror and flowers
Sanserlig Sommer finns nu i Lev Vackert butiken
Lace storage *drool*
pink roses are in a birdcage with green leaves on the top and bottom
three jars filled with buttons sitting on top of a table
The Adventures of Elizabeth
one can never have too many jars of buttons!
a pink pillow with the words never underestimate the power of a woman with a sewing machine on it
an old frame with some scissors and numbers on the inside that says, the collection store de cestaux
nożyczki oprawione
Frame Vintage Scissors.
i'm working on my phd projects half done in sewing book cover art
Aunt Pitty Pat's
PhD ...ha!
a heart made out of many different types of buttons
Pretty Prudent
spool heart