I like this portrait because it is made up of a single, continuous line yet it still looks realistic.

male Portrait, extra fine Sharpie, Sketch, Line Drawing, via // ħαρρч νıвeš only…

Elly Smallwood (Canadian, b. Ottawa, based Toronto, Canada) - Untitled, 2014 Drawings: Charcoal

Unblended Marks: Drawing created using charcoal. Continuous line drawing capturing the features off her face. Different charcoal weights to highlight light and dark.

Map portraits drawings by artist Ed Fairburn  this is one of my most favourite portraits because it isnt a very simple portrait but it almost tells a really deep story and shows alot of expressions on the woman's face, also the lines in the picture add to the story

Portraits Drawn on Maps by Ed Fairburn - Pencil on an original map of the Peak District

me encanta la linea

Adara Sánchez Anguiano Love ink+watercolor Line drawing project: draw the object on transparent paper and paint the colors underneath.