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David Ndambuki, "The Maasai," oil on canvas, 2006. Courtesy Real African Art Gallery, Zanzibar

David Ndambuki, “The Maasai,” oil on canvas, Courtesy Real African Art Gallery, Zanzibar

african art kente cloth - controversial history, but I have found this in many elementary art lessons.

Kente cloth - a type of silk and cotton fabric made of interwoven cloth strips, native to South Ghana.

African art - Nok - NOK refers to the area the piece was created or found.  Similar eye features (shape and hollowed pupils) many partial sculptures found.

Nok sculpture Louvre - Nok culture Nok's social system is thought to have been highly advanced. The Nok culture was considered to be one of the earliest African producer of life-sized Terracotta.

The Berardo Collection- Zimbabwe stone sculptures.  Contemporary African Art- 1960's - thru current.

The Berardo Collection- Zimbabwe stone sculptures. Contemporary African Art- - thru current.

Akua'ba African Fertility Statue | -The Asante (Ashanti) tribe live in Central and South Ghana.  The statue is known as "Akua'ba".  This is the traditional stylized figure that would be created for a woman who wished to conceive or struggled with infertility.  They would care for the statue like a real child until they conceived.

Akua'ba African Fertility Statue, African art reproductions, Parastone Mouseion Collection, museum gift store for african cultural museums

African art - Modern fantasy coffin, popular in the African culture to spend eternity in a vessel of their choosing- can be modeled to be an expensive car to a seed pod.

Introducing Ezile Bay or Olivier and Danielle, a French couple settled in Ghana, offer their eco-lodge (village-kind) in a corner of paradise in the middle of the African tropical nature, not far from Cape Three Point (Southern Cape Ghana).