Albany Boat House

Pictures of the historic Albany Boat House on Lower Ham Road, Kingston upon Thames and views along the river. Check out our site home of…
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an area rug with pink, green and purple polka dots on the floor in front of a door
Showroom carpet in the boat house, showing some of the things we can do to make your flooring stand out. #carpet #flooring
a black and white cat sitting on top of a green rug next to a wall
Banksy inspired toxic spillage cut into carpet tiles in showroom at the boat house. #banksy #carpettiles
a large brick building with white balconies on the front and second story balcony
New community features for Google Chat and an update on Currents
Summer picture of our home from home, Creed-Miles HQ
a coat of arms and two lions on top of a sign in front of a brick building
Crest, Albany Boathouse, Lower Ham Road, Kingston-upon-Thames
Royal Crest on Albany Boat House