He Takes ‘Gold Digger’ To a Whole Different Dimension // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - #lol #humor #funnypictures

He Takes ‘Gold Digger’ To a Whole Different Dimension

He Takes ‘Gold Digger’ To a Whole Different Dimension // funny pictures - funny photos - funny images - funny pics - funny quotes - Oh. That ferris wheel!

Wow, this could make for a really good (and really sad) story

I have this idea in my head. So, say everyone really does have soulmates. And if your soulmate dies before you meet them, they become kind of your “guardian angel.” Like, they want you to live a really long great life, so they take care of you and protect

I don't think I've ever seen a writing prompt that I love more than this. I want to write this so bad

And then all of the demons slowly become more protective of this person until they become the most powerful human to ever live

Night And Day

Night And Day. I love the idea of not making night look sad. Like, night isn't a sad time. He should be dark yeah, but a representation of all things pm. Same with life and death.

Version 2.0

give me more preppy vampire lesbian and goth human bisexual girlfriend. can someone pls write this already!

That is exactly what that looks like

Can we see the child fall in love with the boogeyman and him fall for her but have a struggle with killing kids?

Yeah, wait what??? I thought I was just creative.

It's a slight possibility, but it's best for myself or anyone else to consult a therapist or any doctor in that medical department before freaking out<<is it a symptom of anxiety because if it is it's like the post I e seen that proves I have it

Creo que ese no era su talla

Why would you even…

Seriously I laughed until I cried. Not sure why this is so funny, but seriously she can afford different shoes lol

Oh to be enveloped by the night when there's no one else to comfort me.<<<<<<DID SOMONE SAY A POSSIBLE NOVEL?!?!?!?!

love pretty beauty drawing Illustration art couple boyfriend cute adorable Cool anime beautiful forever sky Awesome galaxy stars manga night sky blue hug amazing crush Anime Couple love forever couple girfriend couple hug <<< this is clearly the doctor!

This is the custom Guardians of the Galaxy Groot swingset built by somebody for the upcoming reality show 'Super Fans, Super Builds'. I auditioned to be on the show, but they didn't pick me on account of not being.