Great idea ... doesn't take as much room up as a number line ... i will use this at a grouptime..... children working in pairs to make the tower... then one closes eyes.. other child takes one away... what's missing..... swap 2 over ... can you put it back in order? Make a tower of just even, just odd.... introduce the teens....,,etc! LH

Number Towers

The Activity Mom: Number Towers.what an easy number recognition and ordering activity! Could be done for teen numbers or crossing the decades (tens) etc.

This is perfect! I'm teaching 2-D and 3-D shapes but only within my science unit on structures. This will help so much! And conveniently integrate with my poetry unit!!

SHAPES POEM this would have been god when i did this earlier this year! cute for the future! and, i would probably change it to "a cylinder is like a can of pop"

Numbers 1-20 with 11 different activities on one page! I LOVE the build in WEARABLE number word watch!

Numbers 1-20 NO PREP (with Number Word Watches)

11 Number sense activities with a WEARABLE Number word WATCH! Just color, cut and wear the watches! Attach with a piece of tape! HOW FUN!

Repurpose activity by using links and flash cards for Multiplication.

Building with Base Ten {Anchor Charts & 9 Activities to Support CCSS K.NBT.A.1}

Finger Gym in my FS2 class

Nueva colección más de 20 juegos y actividades para estimular y trabajar la motricidad fina

amount and number match Activity will develop physical - fine motor skills Cognitive- brain and numbers