40 Pins
many boats are docked in the water near buildings and people walking on the sidewalk at night
Island Harbour
an arch in the middle of a plaza with benches and tables around it at night
The Golde Gate of Pula
an aerial view of a small island in the middle of the ocean with houses on it
Novi Grad is also known as Cita Nova
the top view of several wine bottles in a circular pattern on a black background with water droplets
The wine from the grapes!
the grapes are still attached to the vine
Grapes fro wine
an old stone building with green shutters and a bench
Casa Celestina is a one bedroom villa with a stunning view of four countries and the sea
an aerial view of two boats on the water next to a sandy beach and forested area
Many beaches in Croatia can only be reached from sea, and with over 1000 Islands is a great places for boat lovers
a white bowl filled with green liquid and food on top of it's side
Fish and truffles in a pea broth
a mushroom sitting on the ground surrounded by leaves
Ceps or Porcini are considered to be the creme de la creme of mushrooms and central Istria is one of top mushroom and truffle hunting grounds in Europe.
a large group of people are gathered at an outdoor music festival in the night time
The Outlook Festival, at Forte Punte Crista on the sea, close to Pula