Applying Japanese tissue paper to clay is a fun easy way to create interesting…

How to Apply Japanese Tissue Paper to Clay

Applying Japanese Tissue Paper To Clay Is A Fun & Easy Way To Create Interesting Surface Designs. [To Learn How To Apply Japanese Tissue Paper To Clay, Click Image For Instructions.

Beautiful Artisan Porcelain Vases!

SOFT SLAB - Beautiful Artisan Porcelain Vases for the Artist on your list!

Pottery molded on coconut shells, melons and other natural forms. Extraordinarily thin and lightweight.

Jurgen Lehl is a german designer who loves Japanese style. he basically crawled inside my head. and then made the things he saw. or I want to live in his.

Handmade Danish ceramics from Tortus Copenhagen

Handmade Danish ceramics from Tortus Copenhagen (Glowing, happy, light, warm colour range)

Handthrown Ceramic Dipped Pitchers

Handthrown Dipped Ceramic Pitcher

These simple and clean handthrown ceramic dipped pitchers would look gorgeous in a kitchen with open shelving. Their soft, blue/white matte glaze is so minimal, but still eye catching. There's just something about handmade pottery.


Blue - vase - ceramic - Francesco Ardini: Blue Proliferation, Ceramic, White and electric blue matt glaze