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Buy Chef and sommelier open up glasses on line today from Crosbys, Chef and Sommelier effervescent flute, The finest flute, Buy chef and sommelier champagne flute online today!

Royal Leerdam Eminence Flute Glass 210ml | Pack of 6

It presents bowl on gracefully long and slender stems.

Chef & Sommelier Sensation Exalt Effervescent Champagne Flute 190ml 6.25oz | Pack of 6

The harmony of the continuous and elegant lines of Sensation and Sensation Exalt offer wine-lovers a privileged tasting experience.

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The famous Bubble glasses from Durobor feature the popular bubble of air in the bottom of each glass.

Mineral Effervescent Flute Glass 160ml 5.6oz | Pack of 6

Outstanding craftsmanship and impeccable design makes the Mineral Flute the perfect glass for any sparkling drink.