lino fish printed on solid blocks of colour

paintings prints and stuff: linoprint fish and digital experiments- one easy print but with different colors in the background it gives more appeal. Maybe have them choose primary/secondary colors, warm/cool colors or different shades of one color.

Lynn Bailey

I Lynn BAILEY Topic Mono Printing Vickie Porter Hi everyone, Darcy here we are with the start of another topic, this time we are mono .

Mistletoe Linocut Christmas Card

Mistletoe Linocut (via Nicole Jackson, Linocut)

Picasso Lino

Jacqueline in a Flowery Straw Hat, Picasso. 1964 It's so cool to actually see the linoleum Picasso carved to make this beautiful ink print. *correction, this is not a linocut, but a carved terra cotta tile with black slip.

3 hares - celia hart, linocut

3 hares - Celia Hart, linocut: I love the movement she is able to suggest through her fluid linocuts.