literal splash of color. #artwork

Photoshop Example Color washing over face, half of the face is black and white, half is colored. The colored portion looks as if paint has been splashed onto the subject's face.

1/2 photo as taken by student, 1/2 drawing

photo as taken by student, drawing - might use sketchbook ideas for final project-Could use with Sketchbook Pro app & layering function

Mixed-media collage by Rachelle Panagarry. The textural aesthetic allows for a magnificent mood and atmosphere surrounding the image.

tumblr_mmjeshWZdz1rvw2qpo1_500.jpg (500×647) - could do a cut up chaotic sample and then a fixed puzzle like sample to show mother fixing your feelings

vvolare: “ "Ghost of A.I," acrylic on paper Bo Christian Larsson - 2012 ”

Painting/Drawing a figure and piecing it back together with tape

Hyper Realistic Paintings by Joshua Suda – Fubiz™ (Is not really a photo for this panel but, amazing!

This image show a girl who is perhaps bleeding and is incomplete where her skull should be. There is no brain which suggests mental disorders. The image is in black and white with no colour which suggests life being quite dull and unexciting. This links to my theme of humans and their behaviours as well as mental disorders.

Stunning selection of mixed media artworks by visual artist Januz Miralles who combines photo manipulation with traditional painting.