Phonics activity using sorting baskets

Sorting Baskets Phonics Activity

Phonics 1 Phonics/Alphabet Baskets Sorting Activity (from The Imagination Tree) Make baskets with objects that sound like a specific letter. Give the students a basket and let them practice their phonics skills by naming the objects.

Say It, Make It, Write It Free Printable Mats - How to Use Them Six Different Ways. Find out how to use this one free printable resource in your classroom 6 ways! Perfect for literacy centers, literacy work stations, sight word practice or even your maths centers | you clever monkey

Say It, Make It, Write It Mats - How to Use Them Six Different Ways

Printable 'Say It, Make It, Write It' mat perfect for Daily 5 word work, name practice or sight word practice. Plenty of other literacy centre ideas and printables perfect for use with year old children to help develop their early literacy skills

Do it with Math

Check out 'Fun Phonics' to see Bouncy Blending in action and check out their other ideas while you're there!

Matching letters with the base to make words. Great for phonics!

An interactive activity which involves students choose individual blocks with single letters on to build a word which is spelt out on a singular block. Great for practising phonics with younger pupils.

Teaching With Love and Laughter: Kindergarten Literacy Activities

spell simple words phonetically, drawing on knowledge or sound-letter relationships. recognizable letters and begins to write name and a few words. Grade 1 and ages

Mrs. Riccas Kindergarten

"Seashell Sight Words" (from Mrs. Ricca's Kindergarten: Down by the Sea Centers) love this site! Great idea for sand/ sight word practice!

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**FREE**Letter V Printable Alphabet Flash Cards for Preschoolers. Learn the alphabet and the sound of the letters with these large picture alphabet flash cards. Help your preschooler identify the sound of the letter by looking at the pictures.

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CVC words- medial sounds worksheet - Free ESL printable worksheets made by teachers