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Cynthia Tobierre

Cynthia Tobierre
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laughing -

Interviews from New Orleans reveal how humor sustained Africans from the earliest use of parody, to animal tales and the dozens, to urban narratives.

Clouds Of Perseus (Perseus Molecular Cloud)

Clouds of Perseus ~ contains over solar masses of gas and dust, but the eye is drawn to red NGC Known as the California Nebula, its characteristic glow of atomic hydrogen gas is fueled by ultraviolet light from luminous blue star Xi Persei.

Vancouver-Mt Seymour Provincial Park British Columbia, Canada

A Winter 's Tale (Queen) :."It's all so beautiful, like a landscape painting in the sky.mountains are zoomin' I dreaming? Am I dreaming? Ohhh, it's bliss" Vancouver-Mt Seymour Provincial Park BC Canada by Kevin McNeal