Are you trying to help your students use strong vocabulary to describe feelings? This Feelings A-Z poster will help improve the quality of your student's responses whether they are discussing their own feelings, the feelings of characters in books they are reading, or feelings of characters in the stories they are writing. Posters can be hung on classroom walls, projected onto SMARTboard, displayed in writing centers, or used as individual word walls in students folders.

A-Z Feelings Posters in Color and Black and White

How are you feeling today? Awesome color/bw posters to print/share/post in the classroom. Great to use to have kids talk about their feelings or the feelings of a literacy character! A-Z Feelings Poster from Kathy Ryan at

Washing line over the water tray - by Tom Bedard (",)

not a very attractive water tray - but the idea is good. Washing line over the water tray - by Tom Bedard (",) jan waterplay

Autumn EYFS medium term plan

Autumn season plan is now written up will be starting from September (Autumn Equinox). Looking forward to lots of lovely Autumn.

Starting a unit on animals?  Have fun introducing (or wrapping up) the unit with this fun game:  "I Have...Who Has?" {Animal Words}  $

"I Have...Who Has?" Game {Animal Words}

Helping Children Who Are Afraid Of The Fire Drill

The Fire Drill - Social Story

A social story to help primary students understand the importance of the fire drill. This is great for all primary students, students with autism, or students with special needs.