What IS Cultivate?

Cultivate is about connecting our efforts today to our dreams for tomorrow. It's about mindfully making decisions that will grow our current desires into our future realities. It's about looking out for one another and our protecting our shared home - the Earth.
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Squad Goals :: Soul Sisters :: Girl Friends :: Best Friends :: Free your Wild :: See more Untamed Friendship Inspiration

Holi 2016 – Colorful Photos from Amazing Photographers

Holi 2016 – Colorful Photos from Amazing Photographers This site includes photographs from the colorful festival Holi that celebrates sharing love. This two day celebration starts on Full Moon Day.

Enjoy the Elephant rides in India #india #travel #explore

This majestic elephant has its face accented with face paint. Although, I don't condone the capturing or holding animals in captivity. I consider this picture to be beautiful nonetheless. The colors possibly represent emotions.

OCMD here we come!!!! @chasesmommy517 @gscafidi @msmelly723 @jennjern @kjchard08…

summer daze

Friends at the beach, girls, on the shore, in the water, beach fun! With my girls and my sister

Yellow beauty [ CandaceWilsonArtS... ]

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