Judy's Journal: beginning with time: day-- The earthy warm brown of the reclaimed overdyed wool blanket (previously pink) is becoming connected to the central part with rows of seed stitch.

Another update on the wild pure piece. I've been stitching diligently and have filled the central area with strips of plant dyed wool sti.

Post on 'Human Marks' workshop by Dorothy Caldwell. click image to see images and read Sophie's post.

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Discovered his drawings doing A level art embroidery based on the home front in ww2... HM was an official war artist & recorded the underground shelters during the blitz.

Henry Moore: a monument to British art

Henry Moore OM, CH Tube Shelter Perspective 1941 Pencil, ink, wax and watercolour on paper support: 483 x 438 mm frame: 750 x 695 x 25 mm Presented by the War Artists Advisory Committee de la Piedra Pinit.

Shelter Sketch Book (1945) Henry Moore. Sleepers in the bomb shelters during the…

Shelter Sketch Book Henry Moore Drawings of people sleeping in the London underground during the first world wars. Coming together for warmth and comfort.

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