Roll a Plenary

Plenary Grid of ideas / Choice Board for exit ticket (students cross off when complete and then keep a record of what types they have completed (i.e / and may not repeat until they have completed all the exit tickets-perhaps modify # of choices?

iPad in the classroom

What can you do with an iPad in the classroom?

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Preparing for a test or just learning new things? This site has a group of tools to help you, including mindmapping, flashcards, multi-media notes and quiz makers. It's a great assessment resource for teachers and their classes. It is designed to work seemlessly with mobile devices.

ExamTime is free software that students can use to prepare for tests. When students signs into their ExamTime accounts they can create flashcards, mind maps, and practice quizzes to help them study.

5minute lesson plan Outstanding teaching!

teacher toolkit and 5 min lesson plan

My Learning Journey: Literacy in PE

Literacy is a key theme this year and one which is being raised and commented a lot in various forums.