April '23 Box

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Achieve big, bouncy curls in this simple wash day tutorial
Recreate these gorgeous curls with our April Box featuring Shedid & Parrish Shampoo, Leave In and Curl Serum, brush or finger coiling for spirals galore!
Unlock your best curls
Embrace your natural curly locks with a premium, clean ingredient haircare range from Shedid & Parrish included in our April Box. Vegan, free from silicones and sulfates for deeply nourished, glossy curls and waves
Easy Hairstyle tutorial for short curly hair @amandarrwalker
Curly Hair product subscription box for gorgeously healthy curls, coils and waves
Treat yourself to a curl box filled with amazing haircare brands to get the best out of your curly hair. Includes a full wash n go routine for easy curl care for a fraction of the cost. Sign up today or order a one off box as a gift to you or a curl friend
Best way to try amazing curly hair products Hand-picked for you and delivered to your doorstep Full
Curly Wash day routine with Cheromy using our April Box selection from Shedid & Parrish
April unboxing with Shedid & Parrish Curl care - 3 washday products for gorgeous curls
April unboxing with @curleelo. Wash day using our April Box products.
Clean, vegan curl hair care unboxing with @cheromy
April Box with Shedid & Parrish Curl care unboxing
Unboxing April Box with curl care from Shedid & Parrish @that_red_mane
April Box Reveal - 3 curl products from Shedid & Parrish Worth over £80
Wavy Hair reminders
Tips for better curl definition around your root area