Teddy girl evolved into the 1960s, judging by the cut of her skirt and hair.  No date on source.

Young skinhead girl wearing a suit with "twin jet pockets" I had to look in the dictionary for this one, in Spanish is "bolsillos de ojal", so if anyone knows the real translation, please feel free to correct

This (at the time) 17 year old Smooth from North London is wearing a made to measure Crombie and a trilby, Levi’s, a Ben Sherman shirt and Oxfords. The girl was a model and has on a petrol blue/gold Trevira suit. A lot of the gear came from High Street stores like Burton and Top Shop.

Skinhead Fashion in the UK 1971

Skinheads 1970/71

Bigger Boss Parlour are: Colonel Titus and Madame Colonelle, couple obsessed about reggae, skinhead culture and travelling around the globe seeking new nighters and gigs to attend:)

Mod to Suedehead

this photo brought back memories, I still miss my Green Mohair suit & coat!

1970s Suedehead

The cover of the Richard Allen novel 'Suedehead'. 1971 or 72 I think.

Smoothie couple

Mid Smoothies morphed out of MOD & Skinhead-Suedehead fashion in the UK. The boys called "Smoothies" & the girls, "Sorts". I assume for looking "sorted" which doesn't seem quite as bad as the Aussie Sharpie girls from the same time being called "Brush".