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Bioshock Big Daddy and a Little Sister

An illustration of a Big Daddy and Little Sister in an underwater causeway in Rapture, from "Bioshock," a first-person shooter by Irrational Games for consoles and PC, 2007

i love the style of this picture, particularly the lights from the Big Daddy's helmet and the contrast between them and the red glow of the Adam bottles

BioShock // The Legend of Zelda // The Last of Us // Mega Man // Shadow of the Colossus // Metroid Illustrations by Johann Corgié


Anti Venom Art by Axura Xion Symbiote Pic Anti Venom aka the strongest of the three major Symbiotes .he once took on Venom and Carnage at the same time and tore them both to shreds!

Always thought carnage was the best. You can do so much with his awesome Red body.   So much death, and destruction.

Carnage -- Venom was the big villain (and then anti-hero) in the Spiderman comics when I was growing up, and I loved the development of Carnage as well.

Spider-Man Marvel Comics Venome and Carnage Split by Wizyakuza

Spider-Man - Marvel Comics - Venome and Carnage Split - 11 x 17 Digital Print … Más