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Examples of InDesign Training Courses for editing & updating current & existing documents. Nottingham, Layout, Change Image, Social Media Design, Media Design, Digital Design, Online Training Courses, Just Keep Going, Courses
InDesign Training Courses - Editing Existing Documents
Not all InDesign Training delegates want to be able to create layouts from scratch. Often design is a very small part of their job. All they really need learn on the InDesign Course is to tweak a few objects. For example swapping out an image, altering a date, updating a small amount of text. On this particular course we adapted & edited some existing Adobe templates by changing images, colours & fonts. This is an ideal InDesign Course for beginners. Images courtesy of Pexels
three pages spread out on top of each other, with the same image in different colors
Xplore Magazine
XPLORE Travel Magazine is a professional, modern template with a focus on exploration. The layouts have been designed with generic travel themes in mind to cover everything from guides to journals, profiles/interviews or even photo essays. They are created to be edited easily and can be swapped, changed or combined with little effort to suit a variety of projects.
an article about jazz and blues is shown in the bottom left corner, with blue text on
InDesign Training - Simple Layout
Simple basic layout on an Introduction to InDesign Training Course. InDesign Training hosted in-house on your premises.
a brochure for food news with green leaves and plants on the front cover
InDesign Training
One of the layouts created on the InDesign Introduction Course. On this InDesign Training Course we cover a variety of different layouts including flyers, marketing materials, newsletter, reports etc. This is In-house InDesign Training held on your premises across the Midlands & UK
a page from the book masthead
InDesign Layouts
Example from the Introduction to InDesign training course. InDesign Courses available in-house. #adobecourses #derby #indesigntraining #midlands #trainingcourses
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Типографическая верстка: чудеса с текстом
an image of the letter r is shown in this brochure with flowers on it
Create Beautiful Drop Caps in InDesign - InDesign Skills
drop cap adobe indesign typography magazine design fill with image
an advertisement with the letter q and flowers on it's back side, in black ink
design editorial, diagramação, layout, magazine, pages, spreads, mag, revista, jornal
an image of a brochure with yellow accents
an advertisement for edward sharpe and the magnetic zeros, featuring a man's head
40 Awesome Concert Posters
Choose colors on purpose: awesome indie music band posters | ... and the Magnetic Zeros | 40 Awesome Concert Posters - Yahoo! Music
blue note a story of modern jazz
Master the dark and the light: Blue Note
an info sheet with different colors on it
Color Theory Crash Course by pronouncedyou on DeviantArt
Color theory