Visual Journey

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an old rusty piece of metal with chains hanging from it's sides and on the side
Indian cooking bowls being reused as firepits, planters etc some of these are well over a hundred years old. The mind boggles as to how much food was cooked in them. InDesign Training course delivered for the marketing team at Kaidai FirePits in Shrewsbury
two sheep standing next to each other on a field
Geoff the sheep - met this little guy whilst delivering a Photoshop Course at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire
a conference table with laptops on it in front of large windows overlooking the city
Camtasia Course | Onsite Elearning Training Courses | Midlands
The view from 26th floor window at Canary Wharf. Amazing window to look through whilst delivering a Camtasia Training Course earlier this week.
a seagull is standing on the pavement with its head turned to the side
Adobe Training Courses Midlands | Photoshop, InDesign Training
Travelling around the UK delivering digital design training means I meet some strange people. I met this highway man on Exeter St.Davids Train Station where he relieved me of my sandwich.
a person standing in front of an airport departure board
Trip to London delivering a Camtasia Course - which as always meant passing through Euston Station - quick shot from the Food Terrace. Samsung 8