Baby Oleg's first furcut

Today we took Baby Oleg for first ever fur cut, read more about Oleg's first time in the barbers chair.

baby oleg meerkat - adorable!!

New baby meerkat is struggle to settle in mansion. He only go to sleep after Sergei play him 36 videos of cartoons and sing him lullaby. He was only sleep fo.

Baby Oleg

Baby Oleg

Awww baby Oleg is so cute

Compare the Meerkat -- Sergei and I find Baby Oleg meerpup on doorstep Form - Series Style - Humorous

Baby Oleg arrives on Corrie

Baby Oleg arrives on Corrie

Have Aleksandr and the meerkats bitten off more than they can chew with baby meerpup Oleg?

Baby Oleg the Meerkat - Google Search

Baby Oleg, Compare the Market, Compare the Meerkat. Now they are selling toys. An off the wall campaign that has worked very well, 'Simples'

Award-winning Baby Oleg meerkat cake

Ceramic designer creates amazing novelty cakes

Vicki Smith, creates the super-cakes', modelled on characters from children's films and television adverts, at her home in Flintshire, Wales.